This week's creations and recommendations

I wanted to start writing this as a way to combat the unfollowable mess that has become my personal Twitter and Facebook accounts. I put out so many different things on a given week that I believe it all just becomes noise. So I’ve taken to levelling things out by writing a weekly update of what I’ve been making, along with some of the things I’ve seen and enjoyed. Y’know, like we used to do, back in the day.

Stuff I’ve made

I got back into the swing of the Mood Elevator on Thursday - 1st Dec - and the podcast is now back in full swing after a short break. The latest episode is a bit political.

Yesterday I made a rather delicious soup and wrapped up episode 47 of the Distraction Engine with my co-host Matt. It was a very funny episode although it does feature a pretty heavy trigger warning up top.

Homey, don't be steppin' up; my roasted butternut squash soup don't play dat

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There’s no radio show today but you can check out last week’s show:

I'm also starting on a new seekrit project, more of which you might hear later... about... of.

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 In my pocket

Pete Ashton recommended this article on Birmingham's homeless.

Also I'll be reading this piece on Instagram vs Twitter marketing, as recommended by Ammba.

At work

I've got an exciting site launch coming this week, and I got a four-star review for the Jay Northcote audiobook I recorded.

I've also started a hefty new project which will see me pretty busy for the next few months, and I have some voiceover work coming with my Sudovo project.

At play

A shocking discovery about the fifth housemate in The Young Ones

The Walking and Rubbing Up Against Table Legs Dead