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Today was the final episode of my Brum Radio show for 2016. It was a fun-packed Christmas special - naturally - in which I read some poetry, go over some of the year's highlights and lowlights, and announce the future of the show.

Today's Mood Elevator episode was a shorter one, but with.a couple of nice stories, including one about Ikea renaming their furniture after relationship problems. True!

Sunday night's Distraction Engine was a great big Christmas-themed round-table, with guests Marcel Smith, Phil Davis and Paul Hadsley. Lots of fun, lots of swearing, lots of drink, plenty of Anglo-American bants.

For some reason, starting in 2013 I got into making mashups around this time of year, so sticking with this weird new tradition, here's one I made of Smash Mouth and Jackson 5.

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At work

I've been very, very busy of late, and am definitely looking forward to a break, to reboot my brain. I'm hoping to finish work this Friday and down tools completely until 4th Jan.

And that's about it. Busy week!