This week's creations and recommendations

The second in my old-school "what I did this week" series of blog posts, to be taken as an antidote to constant tweeting about the latest piece of content I've shat out of my brain or mouth.

Stuff I’ve made

Today's radio show was a fun one, where I covered a film called The Survivalist and played a Christmas song written by an AI.

The latest episode of the Mood Elevator is one of my favourites in a while. It's funny but with some nice heartwarmers too, and I'm pleased with the writing and delivery.

My Sunday night show with co-host Matt was a corker, too... if I do say so myself! We talked Trump and Star Wars, explored an old game from the 90s made by Robert de Niro, and looked at a 99 million year-old dinosaur tail.

My new super-secret project is taking shape, and I'm beginning to collect feedback from beta users. Fun!

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In my pocket

My friend Dave Pitt shared this video of Ian Hislop - a man I admire - giving the George Orwell Lecture:

At work

I'm pleased to say the launch was a broad success, and the big new site - the largest I've ever dealt with in terms of footfall - is live. There are still plenty of things to work on and a few bits to fix, but it's standing on its own two feet.

At play

You Suck at Cooking: Modified macaroni


I'm giving a talk tomorrow at HydraHack. all about side-projects. I don't know yet if it'll be available anywhere, but if you're coming to that, I look forward to seeing you!