This week's creations and recommendations

Stuff I've made Today was the final episode of my Brum Radio show for 2016. It was a fun-packed Christmas special - naturally - in which I read some poetry, go over some of the year's highlights and lowlights, and announce the future of the show. Today's Mood Elevator episode

This week's creations and recommendations

I wanted to start writing this as a way to combat the unfollowable mess that has become my personal Twitter and Facebook accounts. I put out so many different things on a given week that I believe it all just becomes noise. So I’ve taken to levelling things out

TLDR: I'm fed up with the tech around podcasting; it's created a barrier and someone needs to step up to own the space, to make it easy for my parents to receive and enjoy podcasts wherever they want to, like Amazon Prime or Netflix. In my higher moments I like

Introducing the Fantasy Podcast League

I do a weekly podcast - a fun, if unoriginally-inspired comedy roundup of news and odd stuff from the week - called The Distraction Engine. I think it's a good example of that genre of podcasting. We do it live, we try and make each-other laugh, but we're also aware

What 2015 and I did together

Another year gone, another retrospective blog post. 2015 and I largely got on well this year, bar one notable exception I'll get to later. I was realising this a couple of weeks ago when I was doing my usual bit of self-flagellation that is the wont of the self-obsessed. Frankly,

I'm writing this directly after returning home from seeing Frank Turner at the O2 Academy in Birmingham, so what you read might be misspelled, ranty or unfair. If so, apologies (if you care). In the shuffle back from back room of the Academy to the exit, I got chatting to