Alan Partridge is the next weapon in Murdoch's war on public entertainment

Now that BSkyB are unable to have a finger in every media pie, they're instead making do with ruining British TV. It's fine that Sky Atlantic shows American TV shows because they're freely available on The Pirate Bay (that link works at the time of writing), but shows like Alan Partridge which won't be so freely distributed are verboten to those that don't want to give the Murdochs any more money than they deserve.

Coogan, Iannuicci and those involved are wilfully fisting their fans - people like myself who have paid for books, videos and live shows - by moving to a niche channel that half the country is not able even to pay for without stripping out their old TV systems or in some cases (like mine), moving house.

I really don't like Internet rants, and being the kind of guy who has to deliver them. It's always better to see the neuences in a situation and try and see things from different angles. But this is a wilfully wrongheaded move by people I thought were more savvy.

The Times worked so hard at getting their paywall up, after their senile Vogon leader rambled about "stealing" (without understanding how search engines legitimately work and bring traffic not leach profits), that you'd think Murdoch would be aware of the irony that his Sky Atlantic is now actively encouraging piracy, by holding on to its toys and refusing to let others even pay to play with them.

Publicly available TV and radio made Coogan, Iannucci, Morris and people of that ilk. In a world where Channel 4 was still finding its feet, the BBC gave them, if not a start, then a place in British society. (I remember watching the first run of Knowing Me Knowing You when I was a nipper, and loving it.) Now greed has won out, and all I can think of is how sorry I am to have had to write such a bilious and haughty post.

If you have the means to record the show and upload it to The Pirate Bay or similar, please do. Let's bring British telly back to the people. And if it helps tamp down Murdoch or Coogan's fears over loss of income, I'll even sit through the ads. What I won't do is move house so I can get a satellite dish and a third-rate Internet connection. I'll do anything for Alan, but I won't do that.